Antique Appraisals/Buying

We offer free in-house appraisal estimates and pay the highest cash for your antiques, jewelry, fine art and collectibles. From single items to large collections, we have purchased thousands of antiques in the past ten years and are knowledgeable in various areas of antique collection to ensure you are getting the highest price possible. If you decide to sell your items, we will present you with a fair offer on the spot. Full payment will be issued the same day our agreement is complete.

Consignment Selling/Auctioning

We have over twenty years of experience in the auctioning of antiques and valuable works of art. Just from one associated auctioneer we have auctioned over 16 million dollars worth of art and antiques in the past ten years. Our knowledge of art works and antiques is extensive and our connections for private collectors is international and extensive. If you want to get the highest possible prices for individual items they can help. All items taken for consignment will be fully insured and fees are paid only after each items sells and never upfront.

Complete Estate Purchasing

We buy entire estate’s contents for cash and pay the highest prices in the industry. We have the ability to pay cash for all sizes estates, and for the larger estates we will bring in specialized niche antique and art buyers that will pay fair market or above prices for all of your estate’s valuable heirlooms.

Estate Sales/Tag Sales

We are partnered with a company that has the lowest rates in the industry for estate sales, as well as a 20 plus year following of high end collectors, designers, decorators and other antique dealers and buyers. And, any leftover items can be sold online through their international network of private collectors. No matter what your Estate needs are we can help you get the most monies possible when selling your estate’s contents.